"Hello Good Times" is a stance on what fashion is today: the obsessive search for perfection.

The world of fashion is perfectionism, attention to detail and sophistication, but it is above all courage, continuous research and experimentation. Veronica Santandrea and Matteo Benassi start then from a series of fashion photographs and enrich them with irreverent and colorful details that wink at the cartoon world.

Contrary to what the look of their work might suggest to the eye of the observer, that is images made with the mere use of the computer graphics, in the works that make up the series of "Hello Good Times" the effects of estrangement from reality , the suspense, the surreal illumination and the creation of a fantastic world are actually given by a remarkable blend of photography and painting. They are real hand-painted photographs, unique and unrepeatable works.

The sensual and colorful shots of Veronica Santandrea are made even more blazing by Matteo Benassi's https://www.instagram.com/riffblast/  visual art, creating an installation that plays on opposites and on oppositions.

A re-creation that breaks the gap between languages: so the photographer and artist swap visual codes by mixing photography and pop art into an artistic contamination by spectacular results.

3.11.2017, Torino.

Post-industrial spaces illuminated by neon lights. A unique exhibition frame set at the Brandsdistribution.com torinese headquarters, the city that in these days host one of the most imporant contemporary art fair of the world: Artissima. Here has taken place the exhibition #HelloGoodTimes, a project that combines fashion and art thanks to the collaboration between Veronica Santandrea, a fashion photographer who has collaborated with Vogue and Matteo Benassi, an acclaimed visual artist chosen among others by Louis Vuitton.